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10 Ways to Alienate quantum analyzer 2015


quantum analyzer 2015

What is quantum analyzer 2015?

What is quantum analyzer 2015?

The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer replaces the need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography for various health related conditions. Holding sensors in your palm simply, health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems. The magnetic resonance analyzer offers new advantages in the field of material analysis. It has been shown that the applicability of such an analyzer exceeds the range of tissue analysis and other medical applications. The magnetic resonance analyzer measures the degree and type of response of a matter under test, and by comparison with reference matter it assists in recognizing deviations from the desired response. The software interface has updated high technology that the operation is more convenient and faster. The main future is 2 languages in software in one machine, both with English and another language.

How to get the quantum analyzer 2015 Obtaining the Report

How to get the quantum analyzer 2015 Obtaining the Report

(1)After the test is finished, the system will automatically enter the person management interface and select the just tested person and the “test record”. Click the button “Get Report”, the system will auto matically judge, read
out, analyze and obtain the report.
(2)The left side a list of all reports, the right details for a report, click on the left you can switch between different reports, the bottom right there is a Quantum BIO Electric System–Instructions “comprehensive report card” button, Click the button to get all the reports will be integrated report
(3)If the report as shown in the last picture, the report can be shown in a full page and printed, and you can write out a prescription.
(4)After click the button “Show in a Full Page”, the report as shown in the following picture will appear, and the report can be operated, such as “print”, “preview”, “save”, “page setup” (as the fo
llowing picture), etc. Quantum BIO Electric System–Instructions

(5)The Comparative Analyzer refers to that u choose the two analysis reports random of same person, then click the COMPARATIVE ANALYZER, that will show the two reports’ comparative.

quantum analyzer 2015 Work Systems of the Testing Room

quantum analyzer 2015 Work Systems of the Testing Room

1.Keep the testing room clean and quiet, and pay attention to electrical safety.
2.Before testing, metal and communication equipment on the tested person’s body should be removed for proper placement.
3.Those who wear pacemakers are not appropriate for testing.
4.During work, inspect whether the power supply and the testing system are in a good using condition.
5.In the testing process, the operational regulation must be strictly observed.
6.Out of work, cut off the power supply and clear up the used equipment and the tester to make them be in a good standby condition.

quantum analyzer 2015: Are we safe?

quantum analyzer 2015: Are we safe?

This strange medical technology with a dubious history seems to be becoming increasingly popular in Ghana.

When my colleague wrapped a damp cloth around the sensor, it seemingly fooled the device into thinking that someone was holding the probe. The machine started happily generating a “health report”. According to the QRMA machine, the cloth had various minor ailments, including “moderately abnormal” cardiovascular health, high liver fat, etc.

Sample of health reports generated after quantum analyzer 2015 whole body scan

So it appears that the ‘sensor’ acts merely as a switch, that detects the presence of a hand where does the health reports come from, then? I believe the health reports are actually randomly generated by the software that comes with the device. It generates health conditions that will seem plausible given the background information about the patient that the user provided.

In summary, it appears the “quantum resonance” medical devices on the market today, may not be providing any useful medical information. Until this technology has been properly validated, we cannot trust any QRMA device with the job of assessing our health.

It is true that traditional Western medicine leaves a lot to be desired. That does not change the fact that there are a lot of people in this world who want to take advantage of our insecurities, our ill health, our fragile minds, etc. so that they can become wealthy overnight.

According to David B. Chalpin, MD (Diagnostic Radiologist, USA): “this ‘quantum resonance magnetic analyzer’ device! Is 100% quack medicine”

WHAT IS quantum analyzer 2015?

WHAT IS quantum analyzer 2015

Working with principles of quantum medicine, the quantum analyzer 2015 detects changes in electromagnetic waves emitted by the body’s cells. By holding a sensor in the palm of the hand the QRMA analyses weak cellular electromagnetic waves throughout the body enabling practitioners to gain a broader understanding of their clients’ health status via bio-electromagnetic field analysis.


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