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caci quantum reviews


What is caci quantum ?

The CACI Quantum system takes off where the CACI non-surgical face lift left off, offering Synergy Beauty Salon clients a full body toning experience. Our CACI Quantum machine has over 70 pre-programmed modes that can be applied for the following;

  • facial toning
  • acne
  • contouring bust and buttocks
  • wrinkles
  • eliminating cellulite
  • scar tissue
  • lymphatic drainage

CACI Quantum non-surgical body treatments for toning and shapingThe award winning CACI Quantum, is the best known micro current system within the beauty industry and is considered to be one of the most advanced system of its kind. The Quantum machine treatments, are both preventative and corrective which often produce results so dramatic that CACI has become known as “the non-surgical face lift” and has a vast array of celebrity devotees.

The CACI Quantum machine is the one of the most advanced face and body treatment system available, allowing our clients the dual benefits of the non-surgical face lift while receiving a total body toning experience, leaving you looking and feeling great with out the pain of a workout at the gym.

CACI Quantum body toningCACI Quantum works to restore and redefine facial muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles while simultaneously tightening and toning sagging body muscles. The system allows you to target several treatment areas at the same time. With the CACI Quantum treatments, you not only achieves fantastic results but it will also save you time and money.


CACI Quantum non-surgical face and body treatmentsThe Quantum system utilises specific pre-programmed modes for Slimming, Contouring, Cellulite, Lymphatic Drainage, Face Lifting, Wrinkles, Acne and Scar Tissue. With the CACI Quantum system, we have many solution to meet your needs. We can help you put together a program of treatments to target the areas that you would like to tone and shape.

The CACI Quantum machine uses microcurrent facial techniques alongside faradic slimming and toning applications, redefining facial muscles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the process. The CASI Quantum treatment is aslo a fantasic way of tightening and toning sagging body muscles.

With a huge celebrity following, these inexpensive body toning and tightening treatments can have some dramatic results. In one session with CACI Quantum you can achieve the same as:

  • 360 perfect sit ups
  • 360 perfect leg raises
  • 360 perfect buttock clenches

All without stepping foot into a gym!  With other benefits including the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, inch loss and restoration of muscle strength let the body contouring treatment of CACI Quantum body treatments transform your body, cost effectively.

CACI Quantum gently tightens and tones your muscles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using the CACI’s dual-tipped probes increases the effect on the muscles producing immediate and dramatic results.

  • Toning and Shaping
  • Cellulite
  • Slimming & Contouring
  • No need to visit the gym
  • Treat more than one area per visit
  • Targeted treatments
  • Face and Body treatments
  • Visible results without surgery, anaesthetic or downtime

Caci quantum reviews

I have a caci ultimate machine in my salon. Its brilliant and the clients love it as they can see instant results. Well worth the money.

i am not a salon owner but i did book a course of 10 caci treatments for slimming/ toning although i only used 2 of them (im yet to pull my finger out and use the other 8) afterwards my stomach and legs were aching where it had worked the muscles the next day i felt like i had done 2 hours in the gym lol, They do seem to get good reviews if you can afford to get one i would, i know the salon near me often does promotions to get people to buy courses

caci is the brand name for the most well known non-surgical faclift (bit like hoover is a vacuum cleaner!) It can be used on face and body and has loads of different functions and treatments that can be performed with it. Mine also does micro dermabrasion and light therapy as well as a wrinkle zappy thing, the lift and a galvanic hydrating treatment.

Ahhh thankyou for your replies! I know theyre really popular as most salons in my area have them so theyve gotta be good, however its purely that fact thats putting me off! If you get what I mean! Id like to be able to offer something slightly different, but still get results, but from the research Im doing….nothing quite compares!!!Thanks once again!xxx

I would say CACI is still a very popular treatment, when i bought over a salon 6 yrs ago, the machine was part of the deal, we wanted to come in and update some of the treatments, we had clients begging us not to take away the Caci treatment, and it’s still very popular in the salon today.

Nope, not sales jargon, the tsunami waveform is legally patented to CACI International. It’s this waveform pattern that’s responsible for allowing maximum penetration into the tissue with minimum irritation to surface tissue; the wave increases in power as it penetrates the tissue. The two alternatives result in either a weaker current by the time it penentrates to the muscle or cause irritation to the surface tissue, depending upon which is used.

Why we wanted to review it

We heard rumours that, before walking the red carpet, a clutch of Hollywood beauties including Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Christie Brinkley called on Caci to perk up their skin pre-camera. Several of the Spa Spies have tried different versions of Caci facials while on the road so we thought it was time to cover the ‘non-surgical facelift’ in depth.

What happened before the treatment?

My treatment was at the beautiful Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. Step off Piccadilly, ride the lift to the 10th floor and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a cloud of peace and tranquillity above the busy tourist streets. On arrival I was given a pear, mint and ginger drink, a warm eucalyptus hand towel and a consultation form to fill in.

The changing areas are super bright, with large showers, well stocked lockers and as many beauty products as you can use. Inside the thermal area is a quiet hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam room. I love waterfall showers, so was very impressed by the pool side shower which seemed to take up the whole of the ceiling.

The pre-treatment relax area has big leather seats and foot stools, a beautifully warm fireplace and dried fruits to snack on. The post-relax areas are dark pods with a full length bed, pillows and a blanket. There were headphones to listen to music and plenty of magazines to read.

Describe the treatment

My therapist, Tereska, met me in the relaxation room and took me through to the treatment room which had beautiful views over the London skyline. She drew the curtains and asked me to make myself comfortable on the treatment bed before giving me an overview of the treatment.

The Caci treatment isn’t a soft, lingering facial full of beautiful smelling products. It’s much more practical and promises real anti-aging benefits. At no point during the treatment was I uncomfortable, but it didn’t make me want to fall asleep.

My treatment started with a very gentle session of microdermabrasion to really exfoliate my skin. There was a gentle pulling sensation as Tereska ran the wand across my skin, concentrating on wrinkle areas. Next came the wrinkle comb. The comb has five or six needle-like prongs which are even spaced and, when applied, dip into your skin along the areas that fine lines tend to form – for me this is along the my mouth and my eyes. Tereska used the wrinkle comb twice; the first session was relatively low power, for the second she applied numbing cream to prevent the therapy becoming uncomfortable. The wrinkle comb causes very slight trauma to the skin, plumping it up and stimulating collagen growth.

To calm the skin down, Tereska then applied alternating blue (calming) and red (anti-aging lights) over the areas she had really worked on. Caci is renowned for the microcurrent lifting and we spent about 45 minutes working my facial muscles. Really targeting my jawline, the lines around my eyes and frown lines, Tereska gently gripped my skin between the prongs holding each movement for maybe 10 or 12 seconds. After the initial phase of holding each movement, she then repeated the same pattern but much faster, reminding my muscles of the movement.

In the final part of the treatment Tereska applied a silicon mask and alternated the current on the electrical prongs to open and close my pores, maximising the effect of the moisturiser.

How did you look/feel afterwards?

Firstly – it’s worth saying that I’m still just about in my 20s. My skin is starting to age but it’s really a case of fine lines and a slight lack of definition around my jaw. I work hard to look after my skin so I wasn’t expecting much change.

After the treatment I retreated back to the well-lit changing rooms to examine my skin. It was an odd sensation knowing that I looked slightly different but with no single obvious change. My skin was smoother and plumper, my jaw line more defined, and the frown lines on my forehead were definitely softened. I looked like me… but on a very good day. A day where I wasn’t worried about my to-do list, the pollution levels in the city, or not getting enough sleep the previous night.

The changes were temporary. Three days after the treatment, the only place that still shows signs of improvement are my frown lines. Tereska told me that it would take a course of 10 to really improve my skin condition – and then I would need to have the treatment topped up every couple of months.

Who would like this treatment?

The treatment works in different ways for different people.  The change to my skin was subtle but most definitely welcome. However, if you speak to Sybaritic Spy (who has just turned 60!) about the treatment, she will tell you that it dramatically changes the way her skin looks. Whether you’re in your late 20s or 30s and you want your skin to regain the bounce of youth, or if you’re a little older and want help with developing lines, the Caci facial will help you along the way. I think the treatment would also suit men who would like to turn back the signs of ageing. It’s a scientific treatment that produces visible results.


How to use the it?



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