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how quantum analyzer works?


1)Show the machine and accessories

Main machine.
Let’s see the machine details main board,USB cable,sensor,softdoy ,software.
softdog and softare ,softdog is like a key to open the software.
Sensor you will handle the sensor to take the test.
USB Cable
Connect with computer and machine.

2)Show how to connect the computer and install the driver.Show the accessories and intall the software (inser the softwre into computer)

1)intall the driver for the machine.
2)insert the sensor with the machine.
3)connect usb cable with the computer
4)insert the softdog into the computer.

3)show how to use the quantum bio electric health analyzer software.

1)open the software.
2)you can add a new customer.
3)start test,and hold the sensor please.
4)It take about 1 mins.
5)save the report in computer.
6)get the reports.
7)pint the report or save as PDF file or html file.


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