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How to use Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Massage Therapy Analyzer


How to use Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Massage Therapy Analyzer


Diagnosis and theray computer system
automatic diagnosis and treatment at home.

Home and Clinic use.
5 minute diagnosis.
Fully automatic treatment.
Pain & Disease Relief.

This computer health analyzer is used to test sub-health and desease.

Diagnosis therapy computer system is such a kind of healtcare equipent that can detect and treat the diseases.

Computer electrotherapy and acupuncture provides the therapy through the acupoints in projesting parts of body.

Readjusting the functions of the pathological organs.


Computer diagnosis

it can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease apear.the early detection will make for

early treatent.


Fully automatic treatment

Auto-selection of acupuncture points on the ear. hand,foot and SPA. The only action he or she needs to take is

the adjustment of the intensity of the electrical impulse according to his or her tolerance.


Double Efect

Hand,foot and body acupuncture cure can assist ear acupoint therapy ,so it will intensify and consolidate the

effect and add important advantage of partial treatment.

Fully actomatic treatment

Easy to use and high efficiency of device provide the first positive effects of therapy within 10 minutes.






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