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Large Intestine Function) Analysis Report Card Reports for quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

(Large Intestine Function)
Analysis Report Card

Name: Example(Female) Sex: Female Age: 30
Figure: 165cm, 62kg Testing Time: 11/08/2017 10:16

Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Result
Large intestine peristalsis function coefficient 4.572 – 6.483 5.645
Colonic absorption coefficient 2.946 – 3.815 2.168
Intestinal bacteria coefficient 1.734 – 2.621 1.81
Intraluminal pressure coefficient 1.173 – 2.297 3.084
Reference Standard:
Normal(-) Mildly Abnormal(+)
Moderately Abnormal(++) Severely Abnormal(+++)
Large intestine peristalsis function coefficient: 4.572-6.483(-) 3.249-4.572(+)
2.031-3.249(++) <2.031(+++)
Colonic absorption coefficient: 2.946-3.815(-) 1.775-2.946(+)
0.803-1.775(++) <0.803(+++)
Intestinal bacteria coefficient: 1.734-2.621(-) 1.046-1.734(+)
0.237-1.046(++) <0.237(+++)
Intraluminal pressure coefficient: 1.173-2.297(-) 2.297-3.341(+)
3.341-4.519(++) >4.519(+++)
Parameter Description
Large intestine peristalsis function coefficient:
Large intestine has similar segmental motion and peristalsis with the small intestine, but its frequency is slower, this adapts the large intestine is mainly a function of absorbing water and temporary storage of manure. If the intestinal peristalsis speed is too slow, fecal moisture is excessive absorption and will cause constipation, its main performance is: reduction in stool frequency, stool weight reduction, dry stool, defecation exertion.
Colonic absorption coefficient:
The absorption function of the colon is the absorption of water and electrolytes, and can adjust the electrolyte concentration. Some of the fat hydrolysis products can also be colon, especially the absorption cell of the ascending colon, the formation of chylomicrons in cells, release to the lamina propria. Each part of colon absorption ability is of different sizes, right ( L) the maximum absorption capacity of colon, transverse colon, descending colon. Pathological factors such as colitis, will reduce the absorption of water and sodium ion of colon.
Intestinal bacteria coefficient:
Intestinal bacteria can cause acidic environment intestinal, conducive to the growth of their own, at the same time control the growth of harmful bacteria, keep beneficial intestinal health. In normal human body beneficial and harmful bacteria can balance, once out of balance, the disease will be waiting in the wings. In the cold, diarrhea, constipation, peptic ulcer, cirrhosis patients, the phenomenon that the intestinal bacteria reduced and harmful bacteria is relatively increased can be found.
Intraluminal pressure coefficient:
Intestinal flatulence can be caused by the followings: 1 ) food fermentation under normal circumstances, there is a large number of bacteria exist in the lower ileum and colon, if the chyme in the intestine, for some reason, long time of residence, under the action of bacteria, can cause the chyme fermentation, produce large amounts of gas, cause abdominal distension. 2 ) inhaled air 3 ) intestinal gas absorption barrier , under normal circumstances, most of the gas within the abdominal cavity, the intestinal vascular absorption, the lungs in vitro. Some diseases, intestinal blood circulation disorder, effect of intraluminal gas absorption, causing bloating. 4 ) intestinal gas exhaust obstacle for some reason, intestinal peristalsis weaken or disappear, so the gas from the intestinal lumen row not in vitro, thus cause abdominal distension.

The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.


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