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quantum chiropractic



1)What is Quantum Chiropractor?


quantum chiropractic

Using the highly advanced quantum information technology developed by ZAG, the private humanitarian medical research group that employs QuantumMAN™, QuantumMAN™ now offers the public QChiro™ (Quantum Chiropractor). You simply purchase QChiro and receive a number of its “Portal Access Keys™” (PAKs™). Accessing these PAKs™ via your personal computer, smartphone or tablet allows your body to quantumly receive (upload) QChiro™’s master programs. QChiro™ quantumly delivers data which provides physiologic directives that align your entire skeletal and fascial systems from head to toe with extreme precision! This is the dawn of QuantumXtreme™ medicine that uses information rather than chemicals (or manual manipulation in this case) to heal what ails the body. The entire universe including the human body and disease that attacks it operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Manual manipulation cannot compare to the precision, thoroughness and safety that quantum manipulation provides.


2)Why Quantum Chiropractor?


Hundreds of millions of people globally suffer from low back pain or other skeletal problems associated with misalignment of their skeletal system. Many seek the assistance of a “Chiropractor,” a health care professional who is “concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neural musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health. Moreover, there is an emphasis on manual techniques, including joint adjustments and/or manipulation with a particular focus on subluxations.” (definition by the World Health Organization)

Often requiring multiple visits a week to correct an individual’s musculoskeletal problems, the Chiropractor is often an expensive proposition that sometimes provides less than precise corrections while associated with a risk of injury to the patient. In fact, according to Wikipedia “spinal manipulation [by chiropractors] is frequently associated with mild to moderate adverse effects, with serious or fatal complications in rare cases. A systematic review found that the risk of death from manipulations to the neck outweighs the benefits.” Now enters QuantumMAN™, aka The Chiropractor, who offers the public a far more precise and effective approach to manual manipulation at far less cost.


4)Where can find Quantum Chiropractor?

Repetitive use of QChiro™ restores joint problems back to their normal functioning such as frozen shoulders and chronic knee joint pain and dysfunction. (See clinical trials). No guesswork! No possibility of injury or adverse side effects. Perfect to use right after an athletic injury. Simply click on a PAK™ downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet, and your entire body gets a perfect alignment every time for only $5 USD. QuantumMAN™ absolutely guarantees your results for 30 days from date of purchase or your money will be promptly refunded.

What is the Best Choice for Treatment of an Injury?

Following the uploading of data via a QChiro™ PAK™ download, it is generally recommended to apply ice to a new injury for the first 72 hours. Not only will this help control swelling, but it will also reduce pain at the site of injury. Ice should be applied to the affected area for five to ten minutes at a time using ice wrapped in a towel or a Ziploc bag, or one may simply use a bag of frozen vegetables.

After 72 hours, if the affected area shows little to no sign of swelling and is not warmer than the surrounding area, one may apply moist heat. One convenient method is to heat a moistened towel in the microwave for about two minutes or simply place a damp towel between a heating blanket and the skin of the affected area. Heat, as with ice, should be applied for about five to ten minutes. Reversed fascial distortions respond best to heat after the 72 hour period of initial injury. After the correction, apply ice to the affected area(s) three times a day for five to ten minutes if any residual discomfort remains.

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)

In 1991, Dr. Stephen Typaidos, D.O. developed a revolutionary new anatomically-based perspective for diagnosing and treating orthopedic and non-orthopedic injuries and conditions. Called The Fascial Distortion Model, it comprises six pathological components called “principal fascial distortion types”. Fascial tissue is the primary connective tissue of the body; it constitutes ligaments, tendons, fascial bands, adhesions, myofascia, retinacula, and other tissues that surround muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. Injuries to these fascial tissues are most often misdiagnosed as muscle tears, strains, sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and so forth. Such misdiagnosis leads to the ineffective use of anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribed rest.

When sprained ankles are correctly considered to be caused by misaligned bones and fascial distortions, treatment can lead to immediate clinical results—a forte of QChiro™. It is not unusual for a sprained ankle or other complex injuries to result in as many as three or more fascial distortions as well as multiple boney misalignments. QChiro™ will correct all such distortions and misalignments instantly, completely, and without discomfort. This precision leads to a rapid recovery of the affected area.


A friend suggested I see a chiropractor, but I was unsure. Fortunately, not only did I find a great chiropractor, I was so impressed I decided to become a chiropractor myself! I still enjoy periodic chiropractic checkups to stay in tip-top condition.
Please don’t suffer needlessly.

Consult the Sartell-area chiropractor who knows what it takes to resist traditional methods and choose a natural solution.
Don’t put it off!


3)Quantum Chiropractor  revierw?

1 BY Becky H. :

Quantum was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I had no idea what to expect but Kevin came highly recommended so I thought I’d give it a shot. I was having chronic lower back pain and as my x-rays showed, my spine has a crazy curve to the left causing the discomfort from years of pulling. Kevin took a lot of time getting to know me and my medical history and I could tell from his diagnosis that he has vast chiropractic and anatomy knowledge, even making connections to my hysterectomy contributing to my issue. He went over his ideal treatment plan but never made me feel pressured or obligated, just gave me the confidence in his wanting and ability to fix me. I am now at a little over halfway through my treatment plan and am on my way to being fixed. He even took midway x-rays to measure my progress. Kevin, Ellie and the whole staff all know me by name and treat me like a member of their work family. There are even great massage therapist who help me in breaking up old scar tissue (and occasionally just help me relax). It’s so nice to be able to support a very well ran local family business and still get the high quality care of bigger practices. I highly recommend this place!

2 by D J.

The wonderful Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ellie and every massage therapist (special shout-out to the Amazing Lucy) at Quantum are the cream of the crop of healthcare professionals, with high levels of expertise that take a worn out body and make it feel brand new. Living with chronic muscle aches and headaches is a struggle, so it’s essential to have “the Quantum Crew” to turn to for relief. I walk in feeling like a tense, awkward wreck and walk out feeling released from pain and stiffness. It’s amazing how much a proper chiropractic adjustment and massage can improve the way we feel both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Quantum to everyone!

Quantum is a part of my healthy living plan. Getting adjustments and massages keep me feeling great and relaxed. We are always treated with kindness and professionalism. All of the massages therapists are highly skilled and listen to your concerns. I highly recommend incorporating the services Quantum Integrated Health has to offer to your family’s wellness regime. The chiropractor/owners are phenomenal people with a wealth of knowledge and skills to help even the most tweaked spines.

Getting adjustments and massages at Quantum are one of the smartest things I do for my health. Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ellie, and all of the massage therapists are experts in their field and seriously wonderful people. I always leave my visit equipped with ways to increase my and my families wellbeing and feeling like a million bucks. This place should be completely packed with patients, but they must run things efficiently because they always have an appointment when I need one. This is my favorite business in Vancouver Wa. I have been to other chiropractors and massage places in the area…trust me when I say there is no comparison. 🙂

This is my favorite business find of 2011! I consider myself very lucky to have Dr. Kevin, Dr. Elizabeth and Melissa my masterful massage therapist taking care of my mental and physical health! These are extraordinary people with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm for life! If they should read this review, I hope they know how much they have helped me this year and I look forward to feeling even better next year! I can wholeheartedly recommend this office for your chiropractic, massage and holistic health needs.


3  by Rebecca J

Quantum was recommended to me by my attorney that i hired after getting in several car accidents within a month time span (None of which were my fault). I was extremely hesitant because I was in so much pain, could barely move my neck, nor bend over to attempt to touch my toes, and had never seen a chiro before. KEVIN IS AMAZING. He is honestly so nice, and it seems like he actually cares about his clients. The therapists are also all incredible, i absolutely love Lucy. The front desk girls are extremely nice, and Ellie is also amazing! I’ve been going here 2x a week now since January and i’ve had nothing short of amazing experiences.


4 by Nan B

I use this office for massage. First, i love the modern and clean facility. The staff is very friendly and professional. I have used several massage therapists there and they are all very g


5 by Shirley D

Dr.kevin is great.also had my first masage with Christine all I can say is i feel great on the road to feeling better

6 by Megan C


Staff was very friendly & inviting and they were able to set me up with an appointment very quickly (same day), Drs also seem very knowledgeable but I felt like there was a very “sales” aspect. I understand everyone’s in business to make money but I felt like I was very mislead.
When I called to get an appointment I made it very clear I had hurt my back over the weekend and needed relief quickly, so I got a same day appointment but when I arrived I was only given a consultation and was told I need to come back another day to set up a “treatment plan”, so 2 days later I’m back for my appointment and I’m given a sales pitch my how I need to fix my neck, then what steps we need to take to get there. So all sounds good because long term would fix this problem indefinitely (or so we hope), until I’m hit with a very high price that they want all up front. No payments and it exceeds my insurances very high deductible. Cash paying options for discounts are not available as they are way more then what they would bill my insurance. So because I’m unable to come up with thousands of dollars up front I’m sent away until I can pay.
I’m not familiar with chiropractic offices like this. It would have been nice to tell me up front that I would not be getting adjusted unless I can purchase a treatment plan for long term results. As I originally stated I needed quick relief from a kink that had been going on for days. I understand that not all situations can be fixed in one treatment but I feel like it is all or nothing with this office and if you cannot afford it all then they don’t want anything to do with you.
I’m not doubting the Drs wouldn’t produce good results as the staff seemed knowledgeable but I’m walking away still with back/neck pain and looking for yet another chiropractor now 5 days into this pain. Very upsetting knowing if I went else where on Monday that I would feel better today and not in pain.


7 by Frank M

Great people. A good place to get information, they really try to give you what you need to be healthy.

8 by Katie L


I have had chronic back pain for years.  I finally visited Dr. Kevin at Quantum Chiropractic and have not had an “episode” of back pain since!  I love the staff as well…..everyone is so helpful, caring and knowledgable!

9 by Dominique R

I love Dr. Keven and his team!  They are so positive and full of wonderful preventative information.  I went to him after several friends referred me to the same place – that is always a great sign!  I love what the offer and have my whole family coming in for regular visits.  My 17 year old daughters now ask to go in when they are feeling they need it.  I am thrilled to know that at such a young age they are getting in tune with their bodies enough to notice when things are tight or out of alignment.  If you are looking for a great Chiropractor who is all about helping you feel your best, you have got to check out Quantum Chiropractic!!

10 by Jennifer E

Our family has been seeing Dr.Kevin for a few years now. There is nothing like an adjustment after a day at work as a dental hygienist! We get full service here…Dr.Kevin adjusts us, Dr.Elle helps us with our nutrition, & we get massages to top it off. We are very thankful to have the team at Quantum taking care of us.




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