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quantum digital massage therapy Review: Is it Worth It?


What is quantum digital massage therapy machine?

What is Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer & Massage Therapy?


It is a Complete Diagnosis and Therapy System

* Computer electrotherapy and acupuncture provides the therapy through the acupoints in projecting parts of body, readjusting the functions of the pathological organs.

Automatic Treatment – Auto-selection of Acupoints
Scientic research discovers that, the bio-resistance of acupuncture point is lower than ordinary skin. Moreover, when an organ has pathological change, bioelectric resistance of corresponding auricular point even lower than healthy one, using this machine to detect and treat, the biologic current flow to this point area will be enhanced, then come into alarming or strong stimulation. This is the design theory of the machine, also the therapy theory of detect auto-alarming and treat auto-choosing point.

This employs the principle that electrical resistance of the pathological acupuncture points along the channels affected is lower than the surrounding skin and the electric current seeks out these points on the skin and sends electrical impulses flowing along these channels. Electrodes in close apposition to the external ear select these points automatically. The skin is not punctured, and there is no side effects.

The stimulator provides the therapy through the acupuncture points in projecting parts of body, dredging the channels and points, readjusting the functions of the pathological organs by strengthening the cell biological vitality, increasing the blood circulations, building a strong immune system, keeping the body in a balanced environment. Different from the temprary treatment of western medicine, Medicomat apparatus is a permanent solution dedicated to restore balanced functions of human organs.

The user does not need to have any knowledge of acupuncture points, and the only action he or she needs to take is the adjustment of the intensity of the electrical impulse according to his or her tolerance.

Quantum therapy analyzer 2 in 1 Function: Quantum magnetic health analyzer with therapy functions massage therapy pads, therapy slipper foot massage, EAR AND HANDS acupuncture points Stimulation

Quantum Health Analyzer Product Description:
The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer replaces the need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography for various health related conditions. Simply by holding sensors in your palm, health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems. The magnetic resonance analyzer offers new advantages in the field of material analysis. It has been shown that the applicability of such an analyzer exceeds the range of tissue analysis and other medical applications. The magnetic resonance analyzer measures the degree and type of response of a matter under test, and by comparison with reference matter it assists in recognizing deviations from the desired response. Quantum Magnetic Analyzer: Principle of Analysis

Human body is an aggregate of numerous cells, which continuously grow develop, split, regenerate and die. By splitting up, cells renew themselves. For adult people, about 25 million cells are splitting up every second and blood cells are constantly renewing at a rate of about 100 million per minute. In the process of cellular split-up and renewal, the charged bodies of nucleus and extranuclear electrons as the basis unit of a cell are moving and changing ceaselessly at a high speed as well, emitting electromagnetic waves without interruption. The signals of electromagnetic waves emitted by human bodies represent the specific condition of human body and therefore, different signals of electromagnetic waves will be emitted by the conditions of good health, sub-health, diseases, etc. The conditions of life can be analyzed if such specific electromagnetic wave signals can be analyzed.

The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer is a new instrument to analyze such phenomenon. The weak magnetic frequency and energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, and after amplification by the instrument and treatment by the built-in micro-processor, the data are compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition and other indicators incorporated in the instrument to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular using the Fourier approach. Analysis and judgment can thus be made on health condition and main problems of the testee based on the result of waveform analysis, as well as standard protective and curative proposals. Analysis Items

The method of quantum resonant magnetic analysis is an emerging rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method and particularly suitable for comparison of curative effects medicine and health products, and check of sub-health conditions. The main analysis items are over 30, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular condition, bone mineral density, trace elements, blood lead, rheumatism, lung and respiratory tract, nephropathy, blood sugar, stomach and intestines, liver and gall, cranial nerves, gynecology, prostate, bone disease, the trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc and calcium, etc.

Package includes:

  • Main Body ×1 (Include the box)
  • Detecting handle ×1
  • Software CD ×1
  • USB Softdog ×1
  • USB Cable ×1
  • English or Spanish Instruction Manual ×1
  • Massager Slipper ×1
  • Tens Pad ×2
  • Operating system: Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA and Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit, Windows 8, 10

The 5 reports for Kids will ONLY show for Children under 10 Years old

Spanish/English Version Reports:

(33 reports in common for Male and female,3 reports for male ,3 reports for female ,5 report for Kids,1 Comprehensive Report Card)

Total Reports combined 45

1: Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

2: Gastrointestinal function

3: Liver function

4: Gallbladder function

5: Pancreatic function

6:kidney function

7:lung function

8:brain nerve

9:bone disease

10:bone mineral density

11:Rheumatoid bone disease

12:bone growth index

13:Blood sugar

14:Trace element


16:Amino Acid


18:Endocrine system

19:Immune system

20:Human toxin

21:Heavy Metal

22:Basic physical quality





27:large intestine function



30:Channels and collaterals

31:pulse of heart and brain

32:Blood lipids


34:Male sexual function(male)

35:Sperm and semen(male)

36:Element of human

37:Gynecology (female)

38:menstrual cycle(female)



41:Trace element


43:Amino Acid


45:Comprehensive Report Card

Functional Characteristics:

Prediction without symptoms: With only 10 or so cells of pathological change, the analyzer can capture the change pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease. By taking health-care actions at this moment, you will be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases.
*Speed and accuracy: Multiple indicators of your health can be obtained within minutes. This analysis method is designed to save your time and energy. The database of the analysis system has been established with scientific method, strict health statistic treatment and demonstration of a large number of clinical cases, leading thus to a high analysis accuracy.
*Non-invasive and painless: The analysis will tell you the condition of your health without hemanalysis or radiography.
*Simple and convenient: It is easy in operation and in general, people will be able to analyze and interpret the result through short-term training. Health check can be performed in any place and at any time, saving the time of patients. The cost for analysis is adequate and can be accepted by most consumers.
It can be connected to computer to show the test process.
Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory combined with Modern Medical Technology.
No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
It has long lasting effects.
The treatment time is short and no need to have a rest, no affect to your normal life and work.
The system database is based on ster health statistic and built by a large number clinical authentication.
Easy Operation.
Stylish design, Fine material, soft, and comfortable.
Operating system: Windows VISTA and Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit, windows 8 and 10

Word quantum digital massage therapy Review

They were much less than many online shops for overnight jobs. I live in Austin and when I picked up my order the receptionist was so kind and generous. The place had a great feel. They have earned a new customer in me for both business and personal.

Great quality at a fair price.  The work they do is consistently of a high quality.  Their turn times are very fast and I have been satisfied with every order I have placed with them over the past 3 years I have worked with them.  I highly recommend using Quantum for printing and direct mail campaigns.

I am new real estate agent in the San Francisco Bay Area and was shopping around for marketing pieces. Quantum Digital was very affordable and extremely user friendly. I wanted the freedom to create my own design yet still be structured and they make it very easy to upload your own design.

Came through for me. Customer service called me, resolved the issue, and delivered within the original promised timeframe.

We love Quantum. They’ve helped us out in a pinch and delivered high quality products as well as great marketing input. I feel like they have our best interests at heart and they’re real experts at what they do. Plus they’re local to Austin!

I have been using Quantum Digital for several years now. They are cost effective and fast. I am continually surprised by how quickly they’re able to turn around job orders.

I ordered invitations for my niece’s graduation tea at the last minute and I got them next day! The price was very affordable and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. My niece will love these.

I have been using Quantum Digital for a couple years now and have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service and the finished products.  “Gwen” who is on the production team was a HUGE help in my latest project.  She was able to find some formatting errors that would have hurt the image of my company newsletter.  Also, the fact that they can turn my print jobs around in 24 hours (when turned in on time) absolutely blows me away.  I have no intentions of using any other company for my printing needs.

I’ve ordered posters and business cards from Quantum many times over the past four years and always been happy. The work is done right, they notify you quickly if there are any snags, the prices seem competitive, and living in Austin I could pick up my order if I need it right away.

I first encountered QuantumDigital when we chose them for on-demand printing and email support for our national chain of  franchises.  The service was always unbeatable.  Now that I’ve started my own small business, I use them for all my own sales collateral.  I produce 8pg booklets from pdf’s I make using PowerPoint, believe it or not,  and the printing looks as professional as it gets.  I can customize and personalize short runs of the booklets for the businesses I’m targeting and have them at my door next day.  That’s why I say that QuantumDigital is my local printer — who just happens to be 1500 miles away.

I needed to get some business cards printed up overnight, but I didn’t want to pay $80 to have Kinkos do it. I found Quantum Digital and found that I could design a business card online (their system is really easy to use and lets you see exactly how the card will look) and they could have it ready the next business day. They ship anywhere for a low price, but if you’re in Austin you can pick it up yourself for free. I am very impressed with the quality of the cards, especially the card stock, and the price. The only thing that would make it better is if they had more designs to choose from.

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quantum digital massage therapy Review: Is it Worth It?


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