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quantum digital massage therapy review



1)Thia quantum resonance anlyzer machine that Massage Therapy function is i Love,

2.It’ is a good product! All right!

3.Spanish  Excelent

4.Very good product, I love it, Paul

5.It is very helpful!

6.More than met my expectations. It is great for my business

7.I purchased this unit on November 25th, the unit arrived FAST-that following Monday!!! Read a lot of bad reviews on this product – and had I believed them instead of doing my own research, I would have missed out on this amazing machine.
The reason why I went with this company, is because I could get a hold of a LIVE PERSON. The customer service was very friendly!!! The size of is this unit is that of lap-top and very light. All components were there. Install was super easy-compatible with windows 10-install took about 5mins or less. Downloaded both languages. Clear Instructions- I did my first scan on myself and OMG!!! This machine is accurate, – Had a gallbladder issue-this machine picked it up- had a thyroid issue-this machine picked it up! Just before the scan I ate something “sweet” this machined picked it up under the “blood glucose”- I was tickled pink!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store, as it was so many reports to look through and it even gave you a summary report and told you how to correct what was found.
I am SO GLAD I purchased this unit -THINKING about buying this unit? DO IT-IT WORKS- – I LOVE IT!!!


1.This is a scam device with random data as output. NO functional value. It does not really analyze anything, just gives you data from a random internal computer chip. Should NOT be sold on Amazon to scam customers. Unit returned to seller. If you setup 5 name profiles for yourself, then test yourself with each of the 5 names, every result will be completely different. I informed Amazon that ALL such units by all sellers should be removed from their website. It is dangerous to rely on such fake results for health of any individual.

2.Returned it. There is no way to check and calibrate the results, so could be telling anything, unprofessional and at risk.


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