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quantum health professionals


1)Who is quantum health professionals?

Our vision is based on establishing long-term partnerships with both our employees and our clients.

Quantum is becoming “the” rehab staffing employer nationwide. This is not only because we have competitive pay and great benefits, but also because we understand what is important to both our clients and our therapists.


Quantum Health Professionals, Inc., was formed in 2002 to help meet the rising need for allied health professionals in the Midwest. The temporary staffing model developed by Quantum has been widely accepted and has resulted in phenomenal growth. Quantum currently employs therapists nationwide and locally in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Quantum is owned and operated by therapists. The administrative team has more than forty years of combined experience working in the health care contracting industry, giving them a comprehensive understanding of contract services within the health care industry. Using this experience as a guide, they have developed a unique work environment for their employees: they understand the challenges that therapists face in the work place with regard to “politics” and restrictions that develop in large corporate healthcare organizations. They are also able to identify the barriers that most therapists face when trying to find a balance between their careers and personal lives.

2)How to contact them?

uantum Health Professionals, Inc.
10000 W. 75th St., Suite 250|
Merriam, KS 66204

Phone: (888) 913-1910
Fax: (877) 913-1174

Quantum Admin Team

3)Why quantum health professionals?

  • A therapy model that drives our business model.

    Quantum is therapist owned and operated. We’ve been that way from the beginning because that’s the way therapy should be delivered.

    Quantum Health Professionals

  • Quantum Health Professionals

  • Quantum Health Professionals

Part of our team. Part of your team.

The therapists we select to join Quantum understand that they are a part of an elite team of professionals who are driven, inspired, and passionate about delivering quality patient care. When they walk through your doors, they not only represent our organization, they also represent yours – and they prove that passion with each and every patient, each and every day.

Quantum is successful not only because of our exceptional employees, but also because of the relationships that we establish with our clients.

While most agencies are considered to be just “another expense,” we strive to be an asset that facilities can use to enhance their departments. Our model offers clients the flexibility of securing a 4-hour shift through the traditional 13-week staffing contract. Clients appreciate the fact that we can customize our model to fit their needs, whether it is assisting with staff vacations, FMLA leaves, illnesses, census changes, or block scheduling.

4)How to join them?


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