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Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation


What is a quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation and Massage TherapQuantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation


It’s also known as a quantum therapy analyzer.

It’s a complete diagnostic and treatment system.

*:: Computed electrotherapy and acupuncture realign the function of pathological organs by treating acupuncture points in prominent parts of the body.

Automatic treatment – automatic selection of acupuncture points
Scientific studies have found that acupuncture points are less bioresistant than normal skin. Moreover, when the organ undergoes pathological changes and the bioresistance of the corresponding ear acupuncture point is even lower than that of a healthy person, the bioelectric current flowing to the area of the acupuncture point will be increased, which will cause alertness or strong stimulation, when detected and treated with this machine. This is the design theory of the machine, and the treatment theory for detecting automatic alarms and processing automatic selection points.

This employs the principle that the resistance of the pathological points along the affected channel is lower than the surrounding skin, and that electric currents seek and send electrical impulses flowing along these points in the skin. The electrodes juxtaposed with the outer ear will automatically select these points. The skin will not be punctured and there are no side effects.

The stimulator regulates the function of pathological organs by needling acupuncture points in prominent parts of the body, unclogging meridians and acupuncture points, and providing a therapeutically balanced environment by enhancing cellular biological vitality, increasing blood circulation, building a strong immune system, and maintaining health. Unlike temporary treatment by Western medicine, Medicomat devices are permanent solutions that work to restore the balanced function of the body’s organs.

The user does not need any knowledge of acupuncture points, and the only action he or she needs to take is to adjust the intensity of the electrical impulse to his or her tolerance.

Quantum therapy analyzer 2-in-1 function: Quantum magnetic health analyzer with therapeutic function massage therapy pad, therapeutic slipper foot massage, ear and hand acupuncture point stimulation

Quantum Health Analyzer Product Description.
The quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation replaces ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography for a variety of health conditions. Simply hold the sensor in the palm of your hand to collect health data from various body systems within minutes. Magnetic resonance analyzers offer new advantages in the field of materials analysis. It has been shown that the applicability of this analyzer extends beyond tissue analysis and other medical applications. A magnetic resonance analyzer measures the degree and type of response of the substance under test, and by comparing it with a reference substance, it helps identify deviations from the desired response. Quantum electromagnetic analyzer: the principle of analysis

The human body is a mass of cells that grow, develop, divide, regenerate and die. By dividing, cells are able to renew themselves. For adults, about 25 million cells are broken down every second, and blood cells are constantly updated at a rate of about 100 million per minute. During the process of cell division and renewal, the charged bodies of atomic nuclei and extra-nuclear electrons, which are the basic units of the cell, are also moving and changing at high speed, emitting electromagnetic waves constantly. The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent the specific condition of the human body, therefore, different electromagnetic wave signals are emitted depending on the condition of health, subhealth, disease, etc. Such specific electromagnetic wave signals can be analyzed.

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer is a new instrument to analyze this phenomenon. Holding the sensor collects the body’s weak magnetic frequency and energy, which is then amplified by the instrument and processed through a built-in microprocessor, and the data is then compared to a standard quantum resonance spectrum of indicators of disease, nutrition, etc. This is integrated into the instrument using the Fourier method to determine if the sample waveform is irregular. Therefore, based on the results of the waveform analysis and standard recommendations for protection and treatment, the health status and major problems of the subjects can be analyzed and judged. Analysis items

Quantum resonance magnetic analysis is an emerging method for rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectroscopic testing, particularly suitable for comparing efficacy drugs and nutraceuticals and for examining subhealth conditions. Over 30 major analyses including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, bone mineral density, trace elements, blood lead, rheumatism, lung and respiratory diseases

Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation

How to use a quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation?

1, Plug in the USB port to connect to the computer. Put the CD into the CD drive and
Install the software.
2. Insert the encryption key (USB port) into the computer, then run the software and
Fill in the patient’s name, age, gender and other information
3. Have the patient hold the sensor tightly.
4. Then click on the instructions to start the test.
5, providing outcomes and advice to patients
6. The test report can be printed on paper.

Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analyzer Software

How to get a quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation for reports

(1) After the test is completed, the system will automatically enter the personnel management interface, select the personnel just tested and “test record”. Click the “Get Report” button, the system will automatically determine, read
Conduct analysis and obtain reports.
(2) On the left side is a list of all reports, on the right side is the report details, click on the left side to switch between different reports, in the bottom right corner is a Quantum BIO Electric System – a “Consolidated Report Card” button, click on the button to get all reports that will be consolidated
(3) If the report is as shown above, the report can be displayed and printed on a full page and a prescription can be written.
(4) When you click the “Full Page Display” button, the report shown below will appear and you can manipulate the report, such as “Print”, “Preview”, “Save”, “Page Setup” (as
Quantum BIO Electrical System – Description

(5) A comparative analyzer is one in which you randomly select two analytical reports from the same person and click on the comparative analyzer to display a comparison of the two reports.

Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer 4th generation


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