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quantum magnetic resonance analyzer (Breast) Analysis Report


quantum magnetic resonance analyzer (Breast) Analysis Report

(Breast) Analysis Report Card

Name: Example(Female) Sex: Female Age: 29
Figure: Standard body weight(165cm,62kg) Testing Time: 2011-05-25 20:18

Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Result
Hyperplasia of mammary glands coefficient 0.202 – 0.991 .63 Normal (-)
Acute mastitis coefficient 0.713 – 0.992 .972 Normal (-)
Chronic mastitis coefficient 0.432 – 0.826 .696 Normal (-)
Endocrine dyscrasia coefficient 1.684 – 4.472 9.584 Moderately Abnormal (++)
Fibroadenoma of breast coefficient 0.433 – 0.796 .644 Normal (-)
Reference Standard: – Normal    + Mildly Abnormal    ++ Moderately Abnormal    +++ Severely Abnormal
Hyperplasia of mammary glands coefficient: 0.202-0.991(-) 0.991-1.754(+)
  1.754-2.413(++) >2.413(+++)
Acute mastitis coefficient: 0.713-0.992(-) 0.992-1.478(+)
  1.478-1.897(++) >1.897(+++)
Chronic mastitis coefficient: 0.432-0.826(-) 0.826-1.423(+)
  1.423-1.991(++) >1.991(+++)
Endocrine dyscrasia coefficient: 1.684-4.472(-) 4.472-7.245(+)
  7.245-10.137(++) >10.137(+++)
Fibroadenoma of breast coefficient: 0.433-0.796(-) 0.796-1.182(+)
  1.182-1.656(++) >1.656(+++)
Parameter Description
Hyperplasia of mammary glands coefficient:
Hyperplasia of mammary glands refers to a hyperplasia of epithele and fibrous tissue of mammary glands, degenerative change of breast tissue duct and breast lobule in structure, and progressive growth of connective tissue. The main reason of this disease is endocrine dyscrasia.
Acute mastitis coefficient:
The acute mastitis is by the bacterial infection result acute breast inflammation, often in a short time forms abscess, many sees by the golden Portugal coccus or the chain coccus along the lymph vessel invasion result in the post-natal 2~6 week nursing woman, particularly initially the parturient woman germ generally or chaps place the invasion from the nipple crack, may also invade directly causes infects this sickness, although has the special effect treatment, but after being taken bad the pain, the mammary gland organization destroys causes the breast to distort, affects nurses, therefore, to this sickness prevention again in treatment.
Chronic mastitis coefficient:
The chronic mastitis’s characteristic is gets sick slowly, the course is long, is not easy to convalesce, prolonged difficult to disappear; In the breast may touch the tumour, take the tumour as the main performance, the tumour quality of material is hard, the boundary is unclear, has the tenderness, may with the skin adhesion, the tumour not broken kui, is not easy to form pus is not easy to dissipate; The breast does not have the model inflamed hot painful phenomenon partially, gives off heat general symptoms and so on shiver asthenia not to be obvious.
Endocrine dyscrasia coefficient:
The human body has the endocrine system, secretes each kind of hormone and the nervous system adjusts human body’s metabolism and in the physiological function normal condition each kind of hormone is together maintains balanced, because if some kind of reason caused this kind to break (some kind of hormone to be excessively many balanced or too few) this creates the endocrine disorders, will cause the corresponding clinical manifestation.
Fibroadenoma of breast coefficient:
The mammary gland fibroma is occurs in the mammary gland small leaf the Fiber structure and the gland epidermis mixing property lump, is in the breast benign tumor the most common one kind thought generally is the function has the close relation with the estrogen to send actively in the natural function exuberant time, may occur after the puberty any age female, but sees the mammary gland fibroma by 18~25 year-old youth female, on clinical take the indolence breast tumour as the cardinal symptoms, good sends in breast’s outside on spot, approximately 75% are the single shot, minority to send, generally is not accompanied by the breast ache and the nipple overflows the fluid its size character generally not along with the menstrual cycle change tumour usually slow-growing, but may increase rapidly in the pregnancy breast-feeding period has about 17% cases to be possible to have the textile fiber ingredient sarcoma changes with the epidermis ingredient serious denaturation.

The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.


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