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quantum magnetic resonance analyzer (Gynecology)Analysis Report


quantum magnetic resonance analyzer (Gynecology)Analysis Report

(Gynecology)Analysis Report Card

Name: Example(Female) Sex: Female Age: 29
Figure: Standard body weight(165cm,62kg) Testing Time: 2011-05-25 20:18

Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Result
Female Hhormone 3.296 – 8.840 3.533 Normal (-)
Gonadotropin 4.886 – 8.931 4.947 Normal (-)
Prolactin 3.142 – 7.849 3.911 Normal (-)
Progesterone 6.818 – 16.743 10.684 Normal (-)
Vaginitis coefficient 2.204 – 2.819 3.433 Moderately Abnormal (++)
PID coefficient 1.348 – 3.529 4 Mildly Abnormal (+)
Appendagitis coefficient 2.301 – 4.782 6.673 Mildly Abnormal (+)
Cervicitis coefficient 2.845 – 4.017 4 Normal (-)
Ovarian cyst coefficient 2.012 – 4.892 3.551 Normal (-)
Reference Standard: – Normal    + Mildly Abnormal    ++ Moderately Abnormal    +++ Severely Abnormal
Female Hhormone: 3.296-8.840(-) 1.163-3.296(+)
  0.213-1.163(++) <0.213(+++)
Gonadotropin: 4.886-8.931(-) 3.631-4.886(+)
  1.843-3.631(++) <1.843(+++)
Prolactin: 3.142-7.849(-) 1.167-3.142(+)
  0.274-1.167(++) <0.274(+++)
Progesterone: 6.818-16.743(-) 4.109-6.818(+)
  0.947-4.109(++) <0.947(+++)
Vaginitis coefficient: 2.204-2.819(-) 2.819-3.421(+)
  3.421-3.948(++) >3.948(+++)
PID coefficient: 1.348-3.529(-) 3.529-5.755(+)
  5.755-7.948(++) >7.948(+++)
Appendagitis coefficient: 2.301-4.782(-) 4.782-7.213(+)
  7.213-9.413(++) >9.413(+++)
Cervicitis coefficient: 2.845-4.017(-) 4.017-5.327(+)
  5.327-6.548(++) >6.548(+++)
Ovarian cyst coefficient: 2.012-4.892(-) 4.892-7.033(+)
  7.033-9.437(++) >9.437(+++)
Parameter Description
Female Hhormone:
Female bormone is mainly produced by the follicule and corpora luteum. It stimulates the adolescent girl’s genitalia, vagina, fallopian tubes and uterus to develop and grow, stimulate the emergence of female secondary sexual characteristic, affect the metabolism, and has a promotion role for adolescent development and growth.
The role of gonadotropin is mainly to promote maturation of the reproductive organs, such as ovary. If the amount of gonadotropin secretion is insufficient, it may lead to genital dysplasia and sexual growth retardation. The gonadotropin is divided into luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. Before the puberty, the concentration of the hormone is very low. When the puberty starts, the concentration is increased to promote the sexual maturation. Thus, they have an important role in sexual development. The role of follicle-stimulating hormone is mianly to promote the ovary to produce ovum, and the role of luteinizing hormone is to promote ovulation and produce estrogen and progesterone. Women’s menstrual cycle is regulated by them. Before the puberty, the amount of gonadotropin secretion is less and has no difference between day and night. After the puberty starts, the amount of secretion is significantly increased during sleep. During the mid-puberty, a lot of gonadotropin is secreted during sleep and waking. During the post puberty, the concentration of gonadotropin is increased greatly and is almost close to the adult level.
The concentration of blood prolactin is also closely related to the sexual behavior. At present, it is known that the gonadotropin secreted by the female pituitary can adjust the level of ovarian secretion of estrogen and lutin and play a decisive role in sexual activity of female. Prolactin can act on the hypothalamus in feedback to reduce the estrogen secretion to cause vaginal dryness and difficult sexual intercourse and aggravate female sexual pain or discomfort, and thereby the female gradually generates fear for sexual life to lead to reduced sexual desire. For instance, before and after the menstrual period, women’s sexual desire is relatively reduced due to the decline of sex hormone level. In another example of women who enter old age, due to the gradual shrinkage of ovarian, the sex hormone level is significantly decreased, so the apathy for sexual desire can be caused. After these older women supplements sex hormones, it can recover their sexual requirements. These can prove that sex hormones are closely related to the sexual desire. In clinic, some infertile women have the problems of inhibited sexual desire or apathy for sexual desire due to difficult sexual intercourse caused by vaginal dryness. The examination also finds that the concentration of prolactin in blood of these infertile women is elevated. Prolactin can act on the hypothalamus in feedback to reduce the estrogen secretion to cause vaginal dryness and difficult sexual intercourse and aggravate female sexual pain or discomfort, and thereby the female gradually generates fear for sexual life to lead to reduced sexual desire. Therefore, the concentration of blood prolactin is also closely related to the sexual behavior.
Lutin is mainly produced by corpora luteum in the ovary, so it is also known as progesterone. The lutin is secreted by the placenta after pregnancy. Lutin usually exserts the role on the basis of the role of estrogen, and provides for the planting of the fertilized ovum in the womb and ensuring pregnancy. For instance, lutin makes the endometrium converted into a secretory phase from the growth phase to facilitate embryo implantation and cause the uterus not be easily excited, thereby ensuring that the embryo has a ‘quieter’ environment. On the basis of the role of estrogen, lutin promotes galactophore development and prepares the conditions for lactation after pregnancy. Lutin also has the heating function to raise the basal body temperature by 1 Degree or so after ovulation. The body temperature is transitorily lowered before ovulation and rises after ovulation, so the change of the basal body temperature is used as one of the symbols determining the ovulation date in clinic; lutin can make the internal women ‘s uterus muscle relax and the activity reduce to be beneficial to the growth and development of fertilized ovum in the uterine cavity; lutin promotes endometrium of the proliferative phase to be converted to secrete its intima to prepare for the fertilized ovum nidation; lutin promotes the mammary acinar development and inhibits ovulation, so women during pregnancy do not ovulate and do not produce menstruation.
Vaginitis coefficient:
Vaginitis is a kind of inflammation of the vagina mucosa and submucous connective tissue, is a common disease of Gynecological Outpatients. The vagina of normal healthy women has a natural defence function when pathogens intrude, as a result of the anatomical and biochemical characteristics of the vagina. When the natural defence function of the vagina breaks down, pathogens intrude easily, that leads to vaginitis. Young girls and Postmenopausal women are more liable to infection than pubertal and child-bearing period women, in that they lack Estrogen, their epithelium of the vagina is very thin, intracellular glycogen decreases, The vagina PH value is around 7, in final the resistance of the vagina is weak.
PID coefficient:
The pelvic inflammatory disease is refers to around the feminine pelvic cavity reproductive organ womb’s knot to contract the organization and outside the pelvic cavity peritoneum inflammation genitals’ bacterium may the retro-infection, arrives at the pelvic cavity through the womb oviduct, the female reproductive system has the natural defense function, in the normal condition, can resist bacterium’s invasion, only then works as organism resistivity drop, or when other reasons cause feminine nature defense function is destructed, only will then cause the scar adhesion which as well as the pelvic cavity hyperemia pelvic inflammatory disease’s occurrence pelvic inflammatory disease patient Yi Gan the weary chronic inflammation forms, may cause the underbelly to fall the bulge ache and the waist shinbone department is sore, often intensifies around the tired sexual intercourse menstruation.
Appendagitis coefficient:
In the female in the reproductive organ, the oviduct ovary is called the uterine appendages adnexitis is refers to the oviduct and ovary’s inflammation but tubo-ovaritis frequently merges has nearby the palace the knot to contract the organization inflammation pelvic cavity peritonitis, and in diagnosis time is not easy to differentiate, like this, nearby the pelvic cavity peritonitis palace the knot contracts the organization inflammation, is also included within the adnexitis scope in the pelvic cavity organ inflammation, is most common by the salpingitis, because the anatomic site is close to mutually the relations, often the salpingitis oophoritis pelvic cavity peritonitis simultaneously coexists, and mutual influence.
Cervicitis coefficient:
The cervicitis is woman of child-bearing age’s common disease, has acute and the chronic two kind of acute cervicitises often also exists with the acute womb intimitis or the acute vaginitis, but sees the main performance take the chronic cervicitis to increase as the leucorrhea, assumes sticks the thick mucilage or the purulent mucilage, sometimes may be accompanied by the capillary or clamp has the capillary long-term chronic mechanicalness stimulation causes cervicitis’s main cause.
Ovarian cyst coefficient:
The ovarian cysts are generalized on the tumor ovarii one kind, each kind of age may be sick, but most sees the ovarian cysts by 20-50 year-old female the multi-performance to have the lower abdomen ache lower abdomen ill leucorrhea on clinical to increase the leucorrhea color yellow leucorrhea unusual smell menstruation to be abnormal, moreover in the usual lower abdomen has one solid, but sometimes the indolence tumour, the sexual intercourse will have the ache, when the cyst will affect the hormone production, possibly will have such as the vagina anomalous hemorrhage or the wool body increases and so on symptoms.

The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.


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