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quantum portal


quantum portal

The Quantum Portal enables our customers to present Quantum functionality to their users via a standard web browser. This does not require Terminal Server or Citrix. Whether your users are customers, looking for up-to-the-minute details on open orders and repairs, or employees who need to view Quantum data from remote locations, the Quantum Portal can put the power of Quantum into any browser.

Out of the box, the Quantum Portal contains functional modules for your customers to check status and shipping information for Sales Orders and Work Orders. The Portal also has an Administration module that is used for managing User Accounts and Security Roles.

The real power of the Portal is its modular design which allows custom functionality to be designed and built to meet your specific requirements. Component Control will design custom functional modules to meet your needs for supporting remote facilities, travelling salespeople, vendor-managed inventory/consignment relationships, or anything else that you do in Quantum, and want to do over the Web.

The Portal is installed and operates on your Local Area Network and connects directly to your Quantum Oracle database. This means that the Quantum Control system is available to be accessed real-time via this secure web environment.

The administrator of the Portal has the ability to build and maintain any number of user accounts. User access, permissions, even visibility of data elements and labels are under the control of the administrator. Each user account is linked to a company in your Quantum Customer/Vendor module, so users of the Quantum Portal can only see data that applies to them. Users are assigned a security role, which dictates which parts of the system they can access, which data elements will be displayed, and the text that will be displayed in the onscreen labels. Security roles can be used to grant some users full access to data and functionality, while giving other users simpler access to more focused information, with captions in their native language.

The Quantum Portal is the gateway to the Quantum Dimension and is built with the and lit with the.

The Quantum Portal looking rather peaceful.

Quantum computers use quantum phenomena such as superposition and Quantum Entanglement to carry out operations on data. These computers do exist but use only a small number of qubits, on February 15th, 2007 w:D-Wave Systems, a leader in Quantum computing technology, demonstrated its 16 qubit quantum computer. 16 qubits is not that fast, and is expensive and hard to maintain, but research and technology in the area are growing at an incredible rate. In June of 2006 D-Wave systems was excited about the 3 qubit system they had available. 6 months later they have a 16 qubit system operational.


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