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Who is quantum therapy ?

What is Quantum Therapy?


Quantum Therapy is the newest Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in the RGV. We are now certified by AAAASF as an accredited Outpatient Rehabilitation Hospital. Quantum Therapy was established by Tim Ryan, OTR, a seasoned manual therapist with over 20 years’ experience. Mr. Ryan established Quantum Therapy to meet the therapy needs of the Central Rio Grande Valley. After speaking to many prospective patients and the Doctors who serve them, a deficit in the area of highly skilled manual therapy, focused on reducing pain and returning function uncovered in the Central Rio Grande Valley.

Quantum Therapy answers that need with highly skilled, experienced therapists with a full-body focus on rehabilitation integrated with state of the art technology.

To answer that high technology demand, Mr. Ryan was the first one to bring the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill to the Rio Grande Valley. This new, NASA based technology, allows the therapists to off-load up to 80% of your body weight while allowing you to move without pain and through your impairments. This versatile technology is being used to rehabilitate patients with sports injuries, strokes, heart attacks, lower extremity fractures and injuries, hip and knee replacements, weight loss, and so much more.

Call and schedule a free consult with one of our highly skilled Therapists and see for yourself.


Figure: above; in order to achieve ths same level of cellular renewal as an 8 min QRS ® application, alternatively, you’d have about 3 hours walking or about 1.5 hours of active sport.

The application of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) takes into account numerous strongly positive results in many areas of medical therapy. The information about this field is not uniform. Many of the favorable findings are rather random and not known or poorly published. This also applies to some of the scientific results that are either not (yet) published or not in one place and / or in a conclusive enough form where the potential user (doctor, patient) can make a reasonable decision. This is a special challenge to Prof. Dr. Fischer AG. We consider education on the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields our top priority and we readily accept this challenge.

Developed specifically for QRS ® therapy, the Quantum Resonance System, initially using a special medical device based on a special magnetic therapy signal, demonstrates a steadily larger range of therapeutic effects for more diagnostic fields at the same time with very few side effects. Here, the research and development has proceeded very asymmetrically. While in the development phase (including patenting) and now in the experimental research phase, their resources reveal many very important results. The area of clinical-statistical research is still under represented. But that is the prerequisite for establishing a procedure for the general public.

There is therefore an urgent need for greater penetration of the scientific basis and application possibilities. To do this, important findings of modern medicine are used. Thus, for example, the pioneering discovery of the “vascular nitric oxide (NO) system” by the pharmacologists Furchgott in th late 80s. He was awarded in 1998 together with other scientists the Nobel prize for medicine, therapy concepts of traditional medicine will in the coming years radically change.

In terms of a “quantum” as a known small amount of energy of electromagnetic radiation, it is the discovery of the German and Russian physicists and biologists Dertinger and Kruglikov that cells use noise as an energy source for information-driven processes and thereby create selected frequency based windows, is of fundamental importance for the whole of medicine. Minimum fields can cause a maximum therapeutic effect by exploiting the so-called resonance. In the center of the communication between the cells are characteristic frequencies contained in the noise signal. Thus, it is a logical consequence to speak of a quantum QRS ® therapy and overall to speak of quantum medicine. As well as the results of clinical evaluation with QRS ® showed, the strength of a certain reaction increased with increasing intensity but is not always proportional to the intensity of the applied field strength, but in different cases even decreased. This was also observed in the determination of dose-effect relationships for drugs. The traditional school of thought “more is better” may no longer apply. One must think through the meaning of the new quantum therapy.

The interpretation of the QRS ® therapy results is greatly facilitated by these discoveries. Moreover, the evolution of QRS ®-magnetic therapy is influenced by it and leaves with even better results and more application fields expected in the future. A prerequisite for this was that with the quantum-resonance system QRS ® no artificial, no particular sinusoidal waves are generated. Rather, analogous to what was shown for wave propagation in the ionosphere and in the Earth’s magnetic field fluctuations, one dose produces in certain frequency-changing rhythms (“pulsing”) and a weak magnetic field. This also activates the NO system in the organism and has significant effects on cardiovascular function, metabolism and immune defenses.

On the other hand, it is necessary to identify hazards associated with magnetic fields, when in terms of frequency and intensity they do not match the natural electromagnetic signals of our environment. One of the pioneers of modern quantum therapy, RO Becker speaks of the Americans, therefore, especially when 50/60-Hz-Electrosmog, but also at other frequencies, a manipulation of the electromagnetic environment. According to experiments by Becker such fields could set in motion irreversible changes that – even before we can adapt ourselves to them – lead to the extinction of life. Even with such fields is still treated medically. Inadequate knowledge of developers and users contributes to this critically.

The Prof. Dr. Fischer AG today has many fundamental insights and experimental studies. The application, show double-blind pilot studies and hopeful, sometimes even fascinating results and give an impression of the potential therapeutic and diagnostic width of the QRS ® therapy.3)Quantum Therapy Video


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