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We Better Ways to quantum release therapy?


Better Ways to quantum release therapy?


What is Quantum Release?


The principles of Quantum Release are not new. Working with the body’s energy systems has been practiced for thousands of years. Quantum Release is an integrated system of fast energy techniques. It is an intuitive approach to dealing with personal and emotional issues which neutralizes struggle and resistance, bringing us to a stage of deep inner peace and acceptance.

The purpose of QR sessions is to free you from the emotional effects of any unhappy experience – no matter what it was – and to put you back in charge of your life. It enables you to clear any energetic baggage, feel more secure and peaceful, and discover who you really are.

During a QR session you do not have to re-live unpleasant experiences or relate details of an experience.  QR works with feelings, the energy of the story and the body – including the body’s cellular memory. And when a person can face their story with no reaction to it, then it no longer has any hold over them. It is just a memory.

Its effects can take days or a few weeks, rather than months or years as with conventional talk therapies. Some of my clients respond to it as if someone has flicked a switch… and it has gone.

How amazing is that?

QR is gentle but very quick. At the moment most of my clients only need an average of 4 to 6 sessions, each usually one hour long. I have to say this makes me happy, as my only driving wish is to make that person feel better about themselves as soon as possible, especially if the person is in pain. They need healing NOW, not in months or years. And that is achieved by treating the core energetic condition, not just the symptom like practitioners of conventional western medicine.

QR can be done one-to-one, over the phone or on Skype; the results are exactly the same. It is such an intuitive process that my clients and I can feel the energetic change regardless of the miles between us. I must also point out that the Healing and the EFT can also be done on the phone or Skype.

Since using QR I have had some amazing results treating depression, pain relief, tinnitus, insomnia and IH (Inter-cranial Hypertension) to mention a few, where all the symptoms disappeared or reduced considerably. In some cases I have also shown the client EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help them manage their symptoms by themselves until their QR sessions have been completed. (For those unfamiliar with EFT, it works on the principle that all negative emotions are caused by a disturbance in the body’s energy system. Energy is cleared using tapping techniques that work with the same energy systems as Acupuncture).

The mind is a fantastic thing, BUT it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Quite often we make an unconscious decision to accept an issue or thought pattern; we give it energy and it takes hold of our lives. Like the mouse in the wheel, it runs on and on going nowhere. And this doesn’t just include the thought pattern but the feelings that go with it. So when you think about the issue the feelings come and then it takes off again.

Humans have a tendency to allow these issues to run on and on for years, and this alone can eventually create physical illnesses that make things a lot worse. We tend to feel safe with familiar emotions that saps our energy. Just like wearing a big lead overcoat, we pull it closer around us and battle on.

What a waste of time, energy and freedom! Why should anyone accept their lot when they could just let it go. It takes MORE of our energy to hold onto old energy than it does to just let it all GO.

Quantum Release Therapy vs. Conventional Medicine

I have in the past commented that people are happy to do things so they look good on the outside. If they were to deal with what was going on in their heads, they would feel so much better and their inner beauty would shine through.

In my experience, there are many people suffering problems or illnesses that result from the treatment they have received from the medical profession which in turn creates a need for further medical services. The problem is the doctors dismiss the benefits of natural therapies and tend to throw drugs at the problem. You only have to look at the “help” they give for depression; it seems to me that they give the patient pills and hope they will come out of it!

Instead, health practitioners should deal with the client on a Mind Body & Spirit level.

My opinion – and I feel a lot of you may agree with this – is that if patients were to get the correct help in the beginning, be it energetic, psychological or natural therapies, there could be less of a risk and a chance they would not get to the point of phycical illness.

Of course this may not always be the answer. But if medical professionals went down this route first, imagine the savings, not only to the profession but to all those people who have to suffer the results of powerful drugs. It creates a win-win situation and that can only be a good thing for everyone…. except the pharmaceutical companies.

Unfortunately, the medical establishment thinks there is no evidence to backup the claims of alternative therapists but will not invest in research of alternative therapies; its their way or no way.

As with most reputable therapists I don’t promise to cure or diagnose illness. But as a therapist I can help people. And I DO. I am not saying that alternative therapies such as QR are the only way, but I feel that all options should be investigated. An informed understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection for all health workers – of whatever type – would provide much better, more holistic and less invasive help.

Despite the amazing results achieved through QR for a wide variety of psychological and other problems, QR is a complementary therapy and in the case of acute illness should not be seen as a remedy or a substitute for medical treatment. Because there are no drugs or invasive procedures involved in the application of QR, it is perfectly safe to use it alongside other forms of medication or complementary therapies. However, QR offers such quick and effective results that you may not feel the need to use additional therapies.

What is different about QR

  • It is simple and easy, fast and effective. It takes the struggle out of healing and change.
  • Sessions are equally successful using phone or Skype and are as effective as face to face meetings.
  • Unlike conventional therapy, there is no analysis or ‘working things through’. You don’t have to understand, or make sense of the past.
  • You keep your experiences to yourself (if you want to) and do not talk about distressing traumas, private or confidential concerns or be “lost” in your story.
  • It is focused and fast. It gets straight to the essence of problems.
  • The practitioner facilitates the process in which you release clusters of stuck patterns simultaneously, so they are no longer part of your identity or your idea of yourself.
  • People report that one QR session can be more powerful than three of four Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) sessions and ten to fifteen conventional ‘talk’ counselling sessions.
  • People clear the issue they come with very quickly and are often so inspired that they choose to have more sessions in order to address other areas in their lives.


QR works with feelings, the energy of the story and the body including cellular memory.

You do not have to relive unpleasant experiences or relate details of experiences.

QR works with the archetypal energy of the story of the individual. The psychologist Carl Jung considered these stories to be primordial images, spontaneous products of the Psyche. These images are expressed through dreams, religious beliefs, myths and fairy tales. They are universal forms of thought experienced by everybody. Like the Hero’s Journey we are caught in the struggle to survive, to win the maiden and return home with the prize and only then will we be rewarded. We have become lost in this struggle of the Hero’s Journey and have forgotten who we really are. Instead we find ourselves repeating our stories and dramas, over and over again, like an old gramophone record, perpetuating the struggle.

Quantum Release neutralises the struggle and resistance, bringing us to a stage of deep inner peace and acceptance.

Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Integrated Quantum/Theta Healing with founder, James Hyman


Have you found Better Ways to quantum release therapy?



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