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what Difference between authorised edition quantum analyzer and piracy


Original and Fake Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer difference

 1.Project detection
Authorised edition report amount increase to 30,plus one comprehensive report,

so the total is 31 reports.
Piracy report amount is 24 or 34 items even 36 reports in the market,they add the

reports arbitrarily,not through the Clinical verification,the test not accurate and

unstabitily.the analysis report is big from two time is big difference of the two

time test(just in short time,2 or 3 minute later),can’t convincing the people.

Note: More test items ,more good analyzer,this is a wrong way to judgment

a best analyzer. pls thinks about it.the software upgrade not just only add the test

item so easy,we must consider other the accuracy,compatible system,

computer stability,etc….the fake suppliers lie the consumer just add the more test items because the some consumer maybe the first time to use it,

not very familiar with it.
2.Increase project
authorised edition increase children trace elements, amino acids, coenzyme,

 vitamin testing function,
Piracy not have.

3.Product configuration
Authorised edition circuit board using LED indicator light widescreen display,
panel use “dual-core” processor, more faster speed, more accurate data.
Piracy use the old circuit board, result in slow speed,not accurate data.

4.Upgrade software
Authorised edition can be free upgrade the software forever, have the professional

after sale service.have 3 years Warranty.
Piracy can’t be upgrade the software.and have not the quality warranty,if you buy ,

maybe will damage soon.

5.Report analysis
Authorised edition increased the comparative analysis report, the results can be

 compared two time clearly,
Piracy not have.

6.Operation platform
Authorised edition software can be compatible Win2K/XP/2003/Vista/Win7

(32 bits and 64 bits), stable operation.
Piracy can’t compatible Win7 or some system ,unstable operation ,

the bad situation is some comsumer have

purchase the fake analyzer,after got it, open the software want to testing,

but it will show some word in the computer”

“Can not find your Encryption Lock,please insert into”

What happen? at this moment you have realize fake products faults,but is too late,

because computer system can’t read the fake usb key ,the machine can’t working normal.

 so you need go to buy other one good quality,that fake one waste your money.


7.After-sales service
Authorised edition have the professional after-sale service,although you are not order in my company,but can be enjoy a detailed inquiry for

the after sale problem.
Piracy not have.

8.Software customization
Authorised edition accepted OEM ,that mean we can add your logo or company

information (products)to the software ,also can development new language software

 of your country language.
Piracy can’t accepted OEM .
Because they have no software source code program.

9.Software security
Authorised edition the software is fully compatible with 360,

 jinshan and other antivirus software,
won’t appear be antivirus software powerful delete, ensure the

normal operation of the software.
Piracy when installing the software will be juggled operating system registry,

 implanted Trojan programs, will be deleted by antivirus software .


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