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What is quantum health and Deep reviews?


What is quantum health and Deep reviews?

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Many said that the problems with employee healthcare were too big to solve. Consider us overachievers. From our research into the consumer healthcare journey to our development of a first-of-its-kind navigation model, we’ve been transforming the industry by providing an exceptional healthcare experience that saves our clients money.

Our Story

Quantum Health was born out of the belief that navigating the consumer healthcare journey should be easier and more affordable. Simply put, our mission is to provide a guided experience that reduces the complexity and cost of healthcare for our members and the medical professionals who care for them. We are much more than care coordinators. We are healthcare warriors who fight the industry status quo to help people get the care they need, when they need it.


In the late 90s, many saw the problems with employee health care. The fragmented system left people confused, led to misused medical care and resulted in unnecessary cost.

Quantum Health founder and CEO, Kara Trott, saw something else—a solution. What if healthcare consumers could have a guide by their side to help them navigate to the right care at the right time?

To identify where and how people became lost in the healthcare system, she began tracking 3,200 patients and interviewing hundreds of physicians. After 2 years of research, she launched Quantum Health in 1999.


Since then, we have helped nearly 200 regional and national businesses cut costs without cutting back on benefits. Today, Quantum Health provides a simplified healthcare experience to more than 700,000 plan participants across the country.

quantum health Deep 12 reviews

A typical day at work would be receive inbound calls from both providers and members. Take my break at the time that I want and go home.

What I’ve learned was how to understand a claim when it has been processed both correctly and incorrectly, be able to go above and beyond for our members. Guide them to the correct direction and help them avoid paying more out of pocket for their medical bills.

Management is hard to depend on them. They tend to forget that at one point there were there. Their expectations are unrealistic. They make you feel that you’re the one having an issue and not the rest PSRs

The workplace culture, they focus on food. They do feed us at least once a week and it’s catered.

The hardest part of the job, it depends who is your sup. Some sups actually do care for you, others pretend to care and don’t always provide you with the necessary info that you need to improve until it’s too late. Sups not providing with accurate information and not having my back like they should

The enjoyable part of my job are the members that I assist in helping them with their health care journey and a few of my colleagues that I can depend to help me grow

High school atmosphere, gossip city, and lack of professional setting. Good old boy system in place. If you aren’t sucking up to management or friends of management you have no future their. Lot of hearsay that goes on and inappropriate behavior by persons in management. HR department is a joke. Don’t go to them if you have an issue depending who you are

i have enjoyed working here as they really take care of their employees with food and fun events frequently. I really like helping our members and providers.

Extensive training. They really want you to succeed. A typical day at work is answering phones and answering phones. Very upbeat environment. Managements goal is making sure you know your job and are happy doing it. The happier the employee, the happier the clients. Lots of company perks, including food, food, and more food, ping pong, serenity rooms, massage chairs. The hardest part of the job is trying to understand client concerns/questions and helping them understand benefits. Although this is a great place to work, it is also my first time working in a call center. This is not the ideal position for me. I wish it was a better fit because I would love to stay.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Quantum Health. The company truly strives to help people navigate the complicated healthcare journey. Great work environment and group of employees.

The benefits are below average
Factory-like gossip and favoritism
Morale among employees extremely poor
High employee turnover

Many staff members coming from other corporations are appalled at the lack of attention to mapping processes and “standard operating procedures”. Because those are industry standards most assume this is a major flaw. They haven’t seen what an inspired workforce can do when they are driven,not by rules and regulations, but by a common mission and vision. People that work here know that the work they’re doing is important–even life-saving. They believe strongly in serving the customers needs and being fierce in fighting for member needs.


Quantum Health is an award-winning care management and health improvement company serving the healthcare needs of approximately 500,000 members at 70 self-funded public and private sector organizations including hospital systems, manufacturers, coalitions, school districts, technology, entertainment, and retail companies across the U.S.


Great place to work! Great work environment and there are a lot of ways to move up in this company internally. I would definitely recommend

Quantum Health is a medium size company that is rapidly growing due to the demand of care coordination. The company is always open to new ideas and ways to make it an enjoyable experience for employees. The staff is more of a caring feel always lending a hand to those in need. Overall Quantum is a great place to work with room to grow in your career.

Company started to grow and the micromanaging began to increase.

The company is growing FAST which means you’ll need to work hard and be flexible to change. But you are rewarded with free food and fun activities. Plus the feeling that you are helping people and making a difference even.

They draw you in under the premise of open and honest communication, assuming positive intent, everybody stuffs envelopes and free food, but what you get is an executive staff that could care less about stuffing envelopes, managers and directors who hire their friends and and a group of dedicated care coordinators chained to phones trying to problem solve things that they are not properly trained to do on a system that is about to implode at any time. .How is Quantum going to be the best loved brand in healthcare when most of the staff have little to no healthcare industry training or experience?



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