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quantum analyzer alibaba

How to use the quantum analyzer alibaba Testing Procedures

How to use the quantum analyzer alibaba Procedures

1.When the power supply of the computer is not turned on, inspect whether the computer, the sensor, the printer and other equipment are connected well; the probe of the tester must be plugged tightly;
2.Survey and record the basic conditions (name, sex, date of birth, etc.) of the tested person;
3.Start the computer and inspect whether the computer, the sensor the printerand other equipment run well;
4.Prompt the tested person to relax the feeling, not to speak and to keep steady breathing;
5.Require the tested person to grasp the test rod by the left or right hand;
6.Close all other application programs and open [Quantum BIO-Electric System] for testing.
7.During testing, the test person’s skin should not be touched; the hand should naturally press to grasp the test rod and not wobble.
8.After the testing is finished, the instrument should be cleaned to make it be in a good standby condition.

quantum analyzer alibaba FDA’S MANDATE?

quantum analyzer alibaba FDA’S MANDATE?

In Part Seven of the Public Health Act 2012, Act 851 section 81, The object of the FDA is clearly stated as; to provide and enforce standards for the sale of food, herbal medicinal products, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and household chemical substances.

One Function of FDA as stated in section 82 of the same Act 851 is to ensure adequate and effective standards for food, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices.

The question arises now is; has the FDA certified the use of quantum analyzer alibaba as a medical device for use in this country?? What is the modus operandi of the device?? Considering the very fact that the manufacturers of quantum analyzer alibaba have issued a disclaimer casting a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the device.

Someone said, “Great claims require great proof.’ If someone tells you something that flies in the face of what the rest of human history has experienced, they should back up what they say”.

This quantum analyzer alibaba product is SCAM and therefore offers lies and false hope.

If anyone has objections agreeing to the fact that it’s a scam then please do come up with enough scientific and practically tested proofs to support quantum analyzer alibaba usage in healthcare.

How to use the quantum analyzer alibaba?

How to use the quantum analyzer alibaba?

1) install software in PC

2) connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use), the metal stick line to Machine.

3) open the software, meanwhile, hand the metal stick, and choose start testing.

4) 5 minutes, it will auto-show the test result.

This instrument is an ideal promotion tool for beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health food/nutrition suppliment/health care products shop, direct selling, massage center, etc. The operator can write out prescription based on testing reports. Its also suitable for family use.

What is quantum analyzer alibaba advantage?

What is quantum analyzer alibaba advantage?

Prediction without symptoms: With only 10 or so cells of pathological change, the analyzer can capture the change pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease. By taking health-care actions at this moment, you will be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases.
Speed and accuracy: Multiple indicators of your health can be obtained within minutes. This analysis method is designed to save your time and energy. The database of the analysis system has been established with scientific method, strict health statistic treatment and demonstration of a large number of clinical cases, leading thus to a high analysis accuracy.
Non-invasive and painless: The analysis will tell you the condition of your health without hemanalysis or radiography.
Simple and convenient: It is easy in operation and in general, people will be able to analyze and interpret the result through short-term training. Health check can be performed in any place and at any time, saving the time of patients. The cost for analysis is adequate and can be accepted by most consumers.
It can be connected to computer to show the test process.


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