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Why quantum health solutions?


Why quantum health solutions?

Many said that the problems with employee healthcare were too big to solve. Consider us overachievers. From our research into the consumer healthcare journey to our development of a first-of-its-kind navigation model, we’ve been transforming the industry by providing an exceptional healthcare experience that saves our clients money.

Our Story

Quantum Health was born out of the belief that navigating the consumer healthcare journey should be easier and more affordable. Simply put, our mission is to provide a guided experience that reduces the complexity and cost of healthcare for our members and the medical professionals who care for them. We are much more than care coordinators. We are healthcare warriors who fight the industry status quo to help people get the care they need, when they need it.


In the late 90s, many saw the problems with employee health care. The fragmented system left people confused, led to misused medical care and resulted in unnecessary cost.

Quantum Health founder and CEO, Kara Trott, saw something else—a solution. What if healthcare consumers could have a guide by their side to help them navigate to the right care at the right time?

To identify where and how people became lost in the healthcare system, she began tracking 3,200 patients and interviewing hundreds of physicians. After 2 years of research, she launched Quantum Health in 1999.


Since then, we have helped nearly 200 regional and national businesses cut costs without cutting back on benefits. Today, Quantum Health provides a simplified healthcare experience to more than 700,000 plan participants across the country.

Bewildering And Impersonal.
That Was Then. Quantum Health Is Now.

For millions of people across the country, getting the healthcare they need is a long, difficult and costly journey. We provide a far different experience to the more than 700,000 members we serve. We believe that healthcare should be simpler and more affordable. We personally guide our members, cutting through the complexity that causes confusion and drives up cost.


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