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Why We Use bio quantum?


What is bio quantum?

bio quantum the newest Japanese high-tech innovation that combines the best of medicine, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other sciences. Applying quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, this advanced electronic equipment collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining a person’s health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations.

The Bio Electric Health Analyzer was developed based on the study of a hundred million clinical cases over a period of many years. The accuracy rate of the analyzer device can reach up to 85%. it gives 39 organ reports.


By holding the sensor in your palm, hundreds of health data will be obtained from your body within minutes. This is absolutely not a science fiction; It is the epoch-making high-tech quantum resonant magnetic health analyzer.

Features of bio quantum Device

Professional – Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of medical and computer experts invented quantum health monitor.
Comprehensive – The quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to human body. After the test, 16 health reports can be obtained.
Quantum Bio-Electric Whole Health Analyzer With 43 Health Reports.
Accurate – The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare product can reach up to 85%.
Ahead – The therapy device can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. The early detection will make for early treatment.
Simple – The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting techniques after a short-term training.
Convenient – Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for patients.
Economic – The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.
Security – The health check is made in a non-invasive way, so the instrument will not harm human body. An encryption lock can be removed when the device is not being used, therefore protecting the client’s information.

How to working the bio quantum?

What’s unique about the new bio quantum BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM? – Dr. Adrian Stoenescu

The bio quantum analyzes 41 body functions within 60 seconds.
The bio quantum measurement results are displayed on the screen within seconds and can be saved and / or printed.
The bio quantum is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that have already been researched and developed under Scalar energy medicine in order to measure the highly sensitive magnetic fields of our cells. The software has been further developed and completed in the USA, and been customized for the bio quantum.
Electromagnetic waves and frequencies that emit bio quantum penetrate into the skin in order to stimulate the natural frequency. Scalar waves are applied to the body points by means of fed-in frequency signals, in order to build up a resonance.
The bundling of scalar wave radiation at the resonance receiver causes energy density to be high enough, in spite of low transmission power and compensates in the event of a surplus or deficiency. The quantum values of diet and health conditions can be matched via the sensor.
Based on cell communication in the body, the bio quantum is now able to offer insight on physical states, deficiencies and system overloads.
bio quantum saves the analyzed data, determines the current health status, shows the physical target and actual status, and documents established risk factors.
Just one health check up in the comfort of your home: The new bio quantum analyzes over 250 parameters, without blood sampling and is pain-free. It analyzes 41 (forty-one) health-relevant bodily functions such as the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal condition, bone growth, blood lipids, immune system, coenzymes, vitamins, trace elements, heavy metals, allergies, menstrual cycle, prostate, male sexual functions, ADHD, and much more. This is unique!
bio quantum analysis results should be discussed with the physician, therapist or qualified general practitioner, especially when indicated limits (red range) are exceeded, so that jointly targeted therapeutic measures can be initiat


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