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Working principle of Quantum Analyzer


Working principle of Quantum Analyzer

Quantum Analyzer

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Quantum Analyzer
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Quantum Analyzer

What is Quantum Analyzer

Quantum Analyzer is a sophisticated medical equipment that analyzes and measures the bio-electricity and magnetic field of the human body. This device uses quantum resonance analysis, which is a non-invasive analysis method that can analyze the human body’s health status and provide comprehensive health reports.

The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Magnetic Force Analyser is a high-tech innovative project involving the fields of medicine, bioinformatics, and electronic engineering. It is based on quantum medicine, and scientifically analyses the weak magnetic fields of human cells collected by advanced electronic equipment.

What benefits can Quantum Magnetic Resonance Magnetic Force Analyser bring you?

1.Asymptomatic prediction.
2. Non-invasive and painless.
3. Speed and accuracy.
4. Simple and convenient.

How to use Quantum Resonance Magnetic Force Analyser?

1.Install the software on your test PC
2.Connect the device and test PC with a USB cable, place the hand sensor on the device and then plug the USBkey into the PC
3. Open the software and hold the sensor to start the test.
4. About 2 minutes after the end of the test, and then click the “Save” button, the report will be saved in the location you specified.

Quantum Analyzer

Who can’t use Quantum Analyzer?

– People with disabilities
– People wearing pacemakers
– People who wear pacemakers
– Women during menstruation

Working principle of Quantum Analyzer

Quantum Analyzer measures the body’s bio-electricity and magnetic field by producing a weak magnetic field around the body. This magnetic field stimulates the body’s cells, tissues, and organs to produce a response. Quantum Analyzer then measures this response and analyzes the overall health status of the body.

The advantages of Quantum Analyzer

1. Non-invasive and painless – Quantum Analyzer is a non-invasive method and does not require any needles or blood samples.

2. Comprehensive analysis – Quantum Analyzer provides comprehensive health reports that cover various aspects of the body’s health status.

3. Easy to use – Quantum Analyzer is easy to use and can provide instant results.

Quantum Analyzer

Who needs Quantum Analyzer

1. Health-conscious individuals – anyone who is interested in monitoring their overall health status can benefit from using Quantum Analyzer.

2. Medical practitioners – Quantum Analyzer is used by medical practitioners to diagnose various health conditions and monitor the efficacy of treatment.

Application in various industries

1. Healthcare industry – Quantum Analyzer is widely used in the healthcare industry to diagnose various health conditions.

2. Beauty industry – Quantum Analyzer is used in the beauty industry to analyze the skin’s health and provide personalized skincare recommendations.

3. Sports industry – Quantum Analyzer is used in the sports industry to monitor athletes’ health status and optimize their training programs.

Quantum Analyzer

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Quantum Analyzer is an advanced medical equipment that provides comprehensive health reports by analyzing the bio-electricity and magnetic field of the human body. This non-invasive method is easy to use and can be used in various industries, including healthcare, beauty, and sports.

If you are interested in Quantum Analyzer or want to know more about the product’s pricing or software, please contact us via email.

Quantum Analyzer


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